Donald Trump ordered Attorney General to declare election fraudulent

Trump, who lost the election, told Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and his deputy Richard Donoghue in a phone call, according to The New York Times: “Say the election was fraudulent and leave the rest to me.”

He is said to have said that after Rosen said he could not change the outcome of the election. Trump even threatened to replace Rosen in that conversation.

Once The New York Times published about it, a parliamentary committee took Donoghue’s handwritten notes of the conversation public.

No protection

This is unusual, as parliament does not normally provide notes of the president’s discussions with a member of his government. But in this case, Democratic President Joe Biden’s Justice Department renounced the secrecy, citing possible violations of an ex-president as a person. It is not a government action that deserves protection, writes The New York Times about the consideration.

After the November 3 elections, Trump spoke of “mass electoral fraud” and put pressure on election officials, for example in the state of Georgia. Dozens of courts have dismissed claims of alleged fraud.


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