Donald Trump no longer has a place; Twitter says ban banned for life

Twitter says former US President Donald Trump has been banned for life. The company has made it clear that it will not change its decision on whoever Trump is tomorrow. Twitter banned Trump in the wake of the Capitol riots.

Twitter CFO Ned Senegal explained that it was Twitter’s policy not to incite riots or violence and that anyone violating the ban would not be barred. According to our policies, removing someone from the platform is final. Ned says the decision will not change whether you are a commentator, a critic, a CFO, a government official now or in the past.

CEO Jack Dorsey said the decision to ban Trump was “extremely right” but created the wrong tradition. Trump’s account has 88 million followers. The account was removed in response to Trump’s calls for more violence in the United States. Following Twitter, other social media outlets also banned Trump.


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