Donald Trump must release the results of his surprise cognitive test, urges a health expert


(CNN) — The President of U.S, Donald TrumpHe revealed Thursday that he had recently undergone a cognitive test at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and that he “showed off” it.

The surprising announcement on Fox News‘ “Hannity” has prompted calls for more information on the evidence.

The last time the White House released medical information about the President was after an unscheduled visit to Walter Reed, last November.

“It was, without notice, basically, without notice for an unscheduled visit, on Saturday afternoon, breaking protocol, with the President’s doctor traveling in the same vehicle as him for what amounted to a kind of urgent visit. ”CNN’s Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a CNN medical analyst and professor of medicine at George Washington University, told CNN’s Don Lemon.

“So now we are hearing that that day, because that is the only day that the President has gone, at least as the public has been recognized, to Walter Reed for a medical examination, which he underwent neurocognitive tests,” Reiner said. .

Details about the test remain unclear.

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“So what does that mean? Did you have an emergency neurocognitive test in November, and we haven’t heard of that? ”Asked Reiner. “Let’s look at the test results.”

“Let’s get the President’s doctor, Dr. Shawn Connelly, out now and explain why they were doing emergency neurocognitive tests on a Saturday afternoon in November, and why they haven’t told us that and why they haven’t told us said the results? ”.

Trump He told “Hannity” that his doctors were amazed at his performance on the test, and that they told him that “they were very surprised. That is something incredible. Rarely does someone take out what you just got out. ”

“We need to hear the results. Now we have to understand what happened. What were you worried about in November? ”Said Reiner.

During the interview with “Hannity,” after the reveal about the cognitive tests, Trump challenged Democratic contender Joe Biden to also have a cognitive test.

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