Donald Trump, Joe Biden | Stunning Biden majority

As many as 75 percent of the CFOs who were asked, Joe Biden believes will win the presidential election.

NEW YORK (Nettavisen): It shows a survey CNBC has conducted among CFOs around the world, which is part of CNBC Global CFO Council.

Also when it comes to CFOs from North America, 75 percent of those who believe that President Donald Trump will lose the presidential election.

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The Danish Bankers Association CNBC Global CFO Council consists of CFOs from around the world, and they represent companies with a total value of more than five trillion dollars.

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The survey, which was published on Friday, was conducted among 40 CFOs in the council and the survey was conducted in the period 7 to 22 August.

Statistikkguruen Nate Silver and his site FiveThirtyEight also predicts that Biden is poised for a clear victory. They now give Joe Biden a 69 percent chance of winning this autumn’s presidential election.

Biden leads 51 against 42 percent

According to CNNs Poll of Polls Biden now leads the presidential campaign with 51 percent against 42 percent for Trump in the polls. This number has almost been at rest for the past two months.

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As for those who think Trump has done a bad job as president, this number has also moved little. Now, 54 percent think Trump is doing a bad job, while the same figure was 56 percent in July, according to Real Clear Politics.

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The 11 percent lead the Democrats had in one Gallup poll June this year, on the other hand, is now down to six percent. This means that those who see themselves as Democrats are now at 48 percent, while those who are against Republicans or are Republicans are at 42 percent, reports CNN.


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