Donald Trump is building a “turnkey” campaign for 2024

Donald Trump, there is hardly any doubt, wants revenge against Joe Biden in 2024. For this he is already thinking beyond the mid-term election in 2022.

Palm Beach – Donald Trump wants to be president again. He doesn’t say that out loud, but it’s hard to find a voice from his immediate environment who would claim or even launch the opposite. On the contrary: behind closed doors, more than a handful of Trump confidants have already admitted that the Republican is not even thinking of clearing the way for anyone other than himself.

A circumstance that certainly gives some food for thought and, among other things, has put the ambitious plans of party leaders of the “Grand Old Party” on hold, even at the forefront in the race against the Democrats (who, for their part, are anything but agreed that Joe Biden even wants to run for re-election). Among the thwarted: Trump’s former Vice President Mike Pence and his last Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Months ago, both of them let it be known in more or less clauses that they could well imagine running for president, but since then it has been surprisingly quiet for both of them.

Even the highly regarded Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis currently seems to be content with possibly jumping on the Trump bandwagon as a vice-presidential candidate. The reason for this is obvious. The base of the Republican Party is still at the feet of its idol Donald Trump, all polls show an overwhelming majority for its idol when it comes to the question of the candidacy in the year 2024. In other words: Trump – and only Trump – has it in his hands who goes into the race. And if the Republicans have their way of the “strong man”, then only one person has a chance of beating the Democrats anyway. And of course he is himself.

On the way to the 2024 election: Donald Trump is increasing the pace

Right now it seems that the Republican Patriarch will pull through. Only a final conviction in one of the many trials that Trump could threaten following the various investigations that are currently running against him across the country could probably keep him from doing so. And, as most of the observers are certain, have so far prevented him from officially standing for a renewed candidacy.

All signs point to a storm. Donald Trump is expanding his presence in the traditionally important pre-election state of Iowa, increasing the frequency of nationwide interviews and showering the editorial offices with press releases (which he has been using since he was locked out of Twitter and other social networks and his blog “From the Desk of Donald Trump “Became a bummer) and is increasingly placing advertisements on the web.

Since his clear defeat to Joe Biden in November 2020, Donald Trump has been cultivating his stab in the back legend and keeping the loser’s seal from his loyal supporters by simply not accepting his defeat. He wants to have been betrayed and robbed. And his fans believe him. His staging of electoral fraud enables him, unlike the presidents who were also voted out after only one term, such as the Democrat Jimmy Carter or the Republican George HW Bush at the time, to dare to make a new attempt.

Donald Trump has been tinkering with an election victory in 2024 since his loss to Joe Biden

And this is exactly what Donald Trump has been preparing for the agonizing weeks in which, as a loser, he was still allowed to sit in the White House and rule to himself. He is busy working on a party in which only those can get a foot on the ground and achieve something who blindly and properly follow him and tell his fairy tale about the stolen election. He bites off unpleasant tormentors like the indomitable party celebrities Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney and Lisa Murkowski, lets them be deposed (Cheney), booed (Romney) or initiates countercadidatures (Murkowski).

For Donald Trump, this serves two purposes. On the one hand, it directly weakens its internal party competition; on the other hand, it sends a message to the party: Those who are not on my side can tick off their own political career plans. And that works. Cheney, Romney and Murkowski are now considered outsiders and are as popular as athlete’s foot in large parts of the party base. Trump, on the other hand, enjoys the cheers of the grassroots just like that of the party celebrities, as grudgingly and with a clenched fist in his pocket this may be hyped here and there.

In Trump’s bubble of selected, dutiful employees who would never dare to contradict him, the encouragement for the boss has increased even more since Joe Biden faltered a little in the wake of the unsuccessful and chaotic withdrawal of the US armed forces from Afghanistan is advised. The fact that it was Donald Trump himself who strengthened the Taliban with official talks and who in turn promised a quick withdrawal from the country in the Hindu Kush is deliberately kept silent if he is re-elected. The criticism that is now being dumped on his successor, who is unenviable on this issue, is being enjoyed extensively by Trump, according to internal circles.

Donald Trump is expanding its presence in states that are important for the US election in 2024

And they continue to motivate him to enter the race for what he sees as late re-election and, at the same time, the establishment of justice. “Trump sees that Joe Biden is on the ropes. He now wants to go into the ring as an opponent, it is not enough for him to shout in from outside as a spectator, ”says one of his biggest fans, the scandalous MP Matt Gaetz. However, according to Gaetz, a good rule in politics is to go public with a candidacy as late as possible. Otherwise, Gaetz doesn’t want to say much about another Trump campaign. Like all figures from the closest Trump circle, he sticks to the common line, according to which the topic is left to the patriarch alone. If anyone declares a Trump candidacy, it is Trump.

He, in turn, avoided making a clear statement about a candidacy in 2024 by ironing off all the questions with a smile that was certain of victory. First of all, there are mid-term elections. In 2022 there will be a directional decision between the “cheating socialists” of the Democrats and his Republicans, when a third of the Senate seats are reassigned and the House of Representatives is elected. His focus is now on, he wants to support the right people. And so forth. Behind the scenes, the work on a campaign for 2024 is still harder to hide.

Just recently, Trump hired a new communications consultant and had a plan drawn up for his next appearances. These jubilation fairs, which have taken the US political establishment, which is already looking for effects, to a new level in terms of ostentation and personality cult, will in future be primarily relocated to contested states, the so-called swing states. Most recently, Trump preferred to test his popularity primarily on classic Republican soil, now the test run seems to be over. So from now on Iowa, Florida and Georgia – all important states that the Republican wants (and must) win over in order to be able to hang golden curtains in the Oval Office again in 2024.

Donald Trump is busy collecting campaign funds for a candidacy for the US election in 2024

In Iowa, Donald Trump has specially assigned two loyal followers to keep an eye open in the state that traditionally holds the first primaries in the running for the presidential candidates. Your mission: Immediate report to Team Trump, should any other Republican even dare to want to create structures there. And yet Trump seems to only want to keep the last remaining doubts under control. His current closest adviser – Jason Miller – recently stated that he assumed that Donald would be a candidate. As one of the few in the inner circle of the patriarch, he is allowed to raise such test balloons. Miller estimates the chance of his boss to actually be nominated by his party in such a case at 99 to 100 percent.

In the meantime, one is also circulating geleaktes Video, in which Jim Jordan, an MP from Ohio who is particularly loyal to Trump, says in an alcohol-ridden group that Trump is “after all this madness in Afghanistan” firmly willing to run for office. The former president revealed this to him in a personal conversation the day before, claims Jordan. After the publication of the apparently secretly recorded film, the entire management of the Trump team declined to comment.

In order to be well prepared for the race, Trump is already busy collecting money. To this end, he set up three different organizations (or had them called up), their sole purpose being to collect donations. In the first six months of 2021 alone, it raised 81 million US dollars. Nonetheless, in an interview with Fox Business, Trump criticized electoral laws that allegedly make it difficult for him to raise enough money. These laws are antiquated and stupid, Trump etched.

Donald Trump presents himself as a secondary president next to the alleged “election fraudster” Joe Biden

Another area that the loser who was forced to leave the White House by the US population last year is currently plowing is the appearance of an auxiliary president, which he is trying to create at all costs. Hours after Kabul fell to the Taliban, he set himself up in front of a lectern in a video, the scene clearly resembling the official statements of incumbent US presidents in the Rose Garden of the White House. “This tragedy should never have happened, it should never have happened and it would not have happened if I were your president,” he said into the camera.

And yet the fact remains that Trump is initially content with flirting with a candidacy, but not yet announcing it. “At the moment, the president’s focus is on ensuring fair and honest elections and doing everything possible to ensure that America First fighters are elected to the Senate and the House of Representatives,” said the Trump team. One does not want to say more at the moment.

Donald Trump, according to his own niece, is a “coward” who is afraid of losing

Donald Trump is taking a supposedly safe course with this vague line. Ambitions of other potential presidential applicants: inside, as exemplified in the Pence and Pompeo cases, he is drying out. Meanwhile, most of the campaign money from those who stick with the Republicans flows into his pockets – just as the American tradition of betting on the supposedly most promising horse in the race demands. Yet there could be yet another reason why he is further procrastinating in the eyes of many of the obvious.

His niece, Mary Trump, longed in disgust with her uncle, put it this way: “He’s a coward. He will never enter into fair competition. He will only compete if he is convinced that he can win with lies, fraud and election manipulation. “(Mirko Schmid)


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