Donald Trump Indicted for Illegally Keeping Classified Documents: Facing 100 Years in Prison

It is a river document of 49 pages. On Friday, the US Department of Justice released the indictment against Donald Trump in the classified documents case. Accused of illegally keeping sensitive files after leaving the White House, the former US president faces 37 charges, including 31 for “withholding national security information”, as well as a count of conspiracy for “obstruction of justice”. In total, the former tenant of the White House faces a theoretical maximum of at least 100 years in prison.

Donald Trump, who cries out for judicial harassment, is accused of having kept American nuclear secrets, information on the defense and armament of the United States and foreign countries, on potential American vulnerabilities and allied countries, as well as a possible response in the event of an enemy attack.

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A compromising recording

According to the indictment, the former US commander-in-chief showed classified Pentagon documents on a “planned attack” (which was never carried out) and a military map to unauthorized persons.

On an audio recording, Donald Trump seems to concede that he did not declassify these “secret” documents when he was president, a point which could complicate his defense. “As president, I could have declassified them, but now I can’t,” he said.

Boxes stored in a shower

According to prosecutors, Donald Trump stored these boxes in unsecured places, including a living room at Mar-a-Lago, but also in a bathroom. In one photo, boxes are seen sticking out of the shower curtain. On another, a cardboard box is knocked over and documents are scattered on the ground.

None of the charges relate to records that Donald Trump voluntarily returned when the National Archives requested them. The indictment focuses on the hundred classified documents found during a spectacular search last summer.

Donald Trump is charged with a ‘conspiracy’ to obstruct justice for ‘suggesting his lawyers to lie by claiming he was not in possession’ of the claimed records, then ‘ordering’ his aide Walt Nauta – also charged – with moving boxes so that the lawyers cannot find them. Trump is also accused of suggesting that documents be “destroyed”.

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Prosecutor promises ‘quick’ trial

Jack Smith, the special prosecutor appointed by the Minister of Justice to investigate, gave a short three-minute statement. He accused Donald Trump of having “endangered the national security” of the United States, and promised that a trial would take place “quickly”.

Donald Trump must already be tried from March 2024 in New York in the Stormy Daniels case. But according to national security lawyer Bradley Moss, there is enough time to organize a second trial in Florida before the federal court before the November presidential election.

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