Donald Trump has the potential to trigger a major confrontation to sabotage the Joe Biden administration

WASHINGTON DC, – European intelligence officials fear a possibility Donald Trump trigger conflict military with Iran to sabotage the government elected president Joe Biden in January.

Trump is known to have high tensions against Iran by withdrawing from the international nuclear deal in 2018 and considering attack military to nuclear facility Iran.

European officials told Business Insider they feared Trump would push for a “major confrontation” in the remaining days he has at the White House.

They consider a confrontation scheme that involves Israel or Saudi Arabia to increase hostility towards Iran, the results of which are designed to create Biden overwhelmed.

“We are concerned about President Trump’s tendency to force a major confrontation when he leaves office which may complicate the Biden administration,” said one official.

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“We don’t believe in the president America now can act wisely. We have some belief that political unpopularity will result from every rash step taken. I am sure that the emerging military leadership will make it difficult, “he explained.

Launch Daily Mail On Wednesday (11/18/2020), the European official’s concern arose when Israeli warplanes targeted Iran in an attack in Syria on Wednesday (11/18/2020), which killed 10 Syrian militias and foreign parties.

The Israeli army called the attack a “counterattack” after an explosive device was found near one of its bases, on the occupied Golan Heights.

Israel and Syria, still technically at war, have a border along the Golan Heights, which was occupied by the Jewish State since the Six-Day War in 1967.

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Attack The air has been seen as a signal that Israel will continue its aggressive policy of carrying out cross-border strikes, even though Trump’s main ally lost the presidential election.

AS so far it has enjoyed close ties with Israel since it was formed in 1948, and Trump has been very supportive, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and adopting a hawkish approach to Iran.

Analysts expect US-Iran relations to cool somewhat under president-elect Joe Biden, with he will seek to rejoin the 2015 Iran nuclear deal which he thinks is important.

The New York Times reported on Monday that Trump last week discussed the possibility of striking Iran’s nuclear facilities, but that he has been “lured” by warnings that such action could escalate into a wider conflict in the last few weeks of his presidency.

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In response, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei warned that “any action against the Iranian nation will inevitably face a devastating response”.

The Pentagon’s planned strike against Iran is thought to include missile attacks, cyber warfare and pre-emptive action by Israel, which has previously carried out a series of operations against Iran.

Israel’s military action on Wednesday comes just hours before US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is scheduled to land in Israel for talks in what will likely be his last visit to a staunch American ally before Trump leaves office.

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An Israeli military statement said its fighter jets had hit “military targets belonging to the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian armed forces” on Tuesday night and into the early hours of Wednesday.

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The elite Quds Force is the main foreign operations arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps. Western nations believe these forces are responsible for supporting Tehran’s allies in proxy conflicts across the Middle East.

The targets of the Israeli attack included “storage facilities, military headquarters and complexes” as well as “Syrian surface missile batteries,” the Israeli military statement said.

Syrian state news agency, YOU, said the attack had killed 3 of his soldiers and injured others.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Observation group said 10 people had been killed, including foreign fighters as well as Syrian soldiers.

The foreigners included 5 militias “most likely Iranian and included in the Quds force”, as well as 2 pro-Iran troops with undetermined nationalities, said the UK-based monitor, adding that more casualties were likely.

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