Donald Trump cuts out “Kevin – alone in New York”

Trump’s pride

Trump had recently shown himself proud to appear in the comedy, which is still very popular to this day. The film is “one of the greatest” Christmas successes. It was “an honor for him to have been part of such a thing,” the US President said on Tuesday in an interview with US soldiers.

Trump only appears briefly in the comedy. Kevin, whom his parents had forgotten in 1990, as in the previous film “Kevin – Alone at Home”, spends the holidays alone in a hotel. He can’t find his way there and asks Trump, who is wearing a long coat and already a red tie, for directions. Trump then describes the direction in a short sentence.

The real estate mogul of the time, however, apparently did not get into the role without any action of his own. He had just bought the New York Plaza Hotel where the shooting was going on. As the actor Matt Damon said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in 2017, Trump only allowed the filming to continue on one condition: he wanted to be seen in the film himself.

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