Don Pedro Rivera shows his face after filtering alleged sexual video

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Don Pedro Rivera He has always been known as a very good father and husband; however, although it does not go through one of its best moments, because after the fright for which he had to be hospitalized for emergencya, now very compromising images emerged.

After the filtration of this sexual material, which circulated in different social networks, we decided to ask the father of the deceased Jenni Rivera what he thought about it and was very blunt with his response.

He released the soup! Pedro Rivera reveals if his wife found out about a photo his ex published

“It’s an issue, I imagine that federal and that it is under investigation. The only thing I can tell you, so you don’t ask me any more, is that it is in the hands of the lawyer and that it is a distortion, ”said the patriarch of the Rivera.

In the images that have been a scandal, according to those who have seen it, a lady appears who is crouched in front of Don Pedro, while, apparently, the woman does not bring underwear and behind is the grandfather of Chiquis , material that has caused all kinds of speculation.

He didn’t save anymore! Pedro Rivera Jr. explodes against those who accuse him of making a profit with Jenni Rivera

While on the one hand it is being said that the music producer is using them for promotion and on the other hand it is rumored that this girl was one of those who came out in a music video.

Although it is clear that this latest version does not fit at all, since the protagonists of the material is an older woman and obviously not his wife.


Don Pedro Rivera involved in skirt problems?

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