Don Matteo 13, anticipations of the eighth episode 19 May 2022

Don Matteo 13 / Raoul Bova

Don Matteo 13 / Raoul Bova

Ecco advances e frame of the eighth episode of the fiction Don Matteo 13in onda Thursday 19 May in the early evening are Rai 1. The eighth episode is titled But is it love that makes the family or is it the family that makes love?.

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Caterina, Federico’s mother, is suspected of attempted murder: a tragic news story linked to her adolescence creates an inevitable connection with the victim, but she says she is innocent.

Don Massimo digs into Caterina’s past in an attempt to find the truth, but in the meantime Federico too has stopped believing in his mother.

Let’s see Colonel Anceschi, who has returned to Spoleto once again to greet his daughter Valentina and to meet her new boyfriend. But when he discovers that it is Marco, he will not be so happy about it …

A surprising news reaches Natalina: a television crew directed by Gigi Marzullo will come to the rectory to interview her!

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