Domrachova’s brother was beaten and detained during the dispersal of demonstrators in Belarus

Darja Domračeva and Ņikita Domračovs

Nikita, the brother of Daria Domrachova, a Belarusian biathlete who holds all the world‘s most important titles, was beaten and detained on Sunday during the dispersal of demonstrators in Belarus, reported on the Belarusian website “” on Monday.

Domrachov was beaten and detained on Sunday during a violent dispersal.

“Yesterday I rode a bicycle along a bicycle path along the embankment in the Zibicka district to my mother. When I reached the bridge, I saw people in olive costumes running towards me and screaming, ”the website quotes Nikita. “I was scared, turned to the other side, but from there, around the corner of the building, another crowd of security guards ran out, already in black.”

“They just hit me off the bike and, without explaining anything, started beating me. The sparks spread along the eyes, blood began to flow from his head, ”says Domrachov, adding that he was worried about his bicycle, which he had owned for ten years, was expensive for the owner, and he had tried to save to escape.

The brother of the world-famous athlete says that the employees of the internal affairs bodies threw him into a minibus, where he was threatened and punched.

“I couldn’t see anything from the blows and blood in my face. At some point I think I am blind and please call an ambulance. However, I was told that they would not call her because the doctor would be at the police station, ”recalls Domrachov. “Besides, my hands were too squeezed with handcuffs, they were numb, but they just laughed at my requests to relax the handcuffs, insulting me.”

He says that members of the Interior Department were digging into his personal belongings and wallet, but there were no symbols associated with the demonstrators.

After a while, the athlete’s brother was thrown into another car and drove around the city for about an hour, giving a bandage to stop the bleeding.

Domrachov was brought to the police station with another detainee, and at that moment he was without shoes that were lost during the arrest. The documents of the detainee were recorded in the ward and he was photographed, but no one accepted his testimony.

When the ambulance arrived, Domrachov was brought a ready-made protocol with all the testimonies of the employees of the internal affairs system, but he was not allowed to read it on the basis of the force data of the militants.

“The minutes stated that I took part in an unauthorized mass event,” says the detainee. “I felt very bad, I had a headache, so I did not resist and signed the protocol. The trial should take place in the Frunze District Court of Minsk, but I do not know the date. “

The ambulance took Domracov to the 3rd hospital, where after several hours of waiting, the victim was placed in a general ward. In the morning he signed a waiver of hospitalization and went home.

The bicycle was no longer in the place of detention when the victim’s wife arrived, but “” reports that the rider has been there.

Domrachov has not yet spoken to his sister, but she knows what happened after talking to her mother.

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