Dominika Gwit has undergone a metamorphosis. Fans are thrilled with her new look: Firecracker Woman

Dominika Gwit she did not hide her excitement about working on a new film. The actress in a completely new edition will appear in the production of “Where the devil can not, baby there po¶le“Dominika published a few frames from the set, and the fans showered her with compliments. Her colorful styling made an impression on Internet users.

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Dominika Gwit does the splits

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Dominika Gwit in the original styling

Dominika Gwit for the needs of the new movie, in which the game has undergone a significant metamorphosis in appearance. The actress boasted about the set photos, in which she poses in a stylization that reflects the spirit of the old days. Dominika revealed that film “Where the devil cannot, there will be a baby he will send” will tell about “the beginnings of the great fortunes of the 80s and 90s”

I can already boast of photos from the set! Shooting for two parts of the film “Where the Devil Can’t, He Will Send the Baby There” has been underway for two weeks. The director is @heathcliff_janusz_iwanowski_, who together with @jolaowczarczyk and all @ is producing this amazing film. It is a story about the beginnings of the great fortunes of the 1980s and 1990s. “Where the devil can not, there will be a baby” tells the story of smart men and strong women who know how to find themselves in any situation – the actress began.

Dominika in the photos is wearing a colorful jumpsuit with ruffles on the side and wide sleeves. With him she put on red high heels and a matching color purse. There is also a specific tapir on the head of the actress. In the description, Gwit admitted that she felt great in this version.

@heathcliff_janusz_iwanowski_ gives the actresses the perfect space to prove themselves in these beautiful, colorful female roles. Thank you very much Janusz for that! Stay tuned for this movie! This has not happened in Poland yet – she wrote.

In the comments, Internet users were delighted with the new appearance of the actress, in which she presented herself on the set of the film.

Firecracker woman.

Great styling.

Beautiful in this dress / jumpsuit, the stylist had a nose – we read.

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A real galaxy of stars will appear in the movie “Where the devil can not, there will be a baby.” Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Agnieszka Więdłocha, whether Michał Koterski. Did you also like Dominika’s styling?


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