Dominika Gottová: Tolkki wants to give her a thousand Euros, in the meantime she is dating her mistress!

“I reached the bottom of my mind and wanted to end everything, that’s true. Thanks to the help of my husband Tim, this didn’t happen. I’m in a very difficult life situation, which I’m trying to solve again,” Dominika Gottová told the daily Expres, revealing that asked the authorities for help!

“Thank you for the help offered by the Czech Consulate in Helsinki, with whom I am in contact, and thank my friend for alerting the embassy quickly and helping me a lot. After a year of living in the Czech Republic, I decided to return to my husband. Where and how I still have housing and work commitments in Prague, and as soon as possible I will return and decide what to do next, “says Gott, who currently does not know in which country she will eventually live with Tolkki!

Moreover, the couple’s statements do not agree several times, in a video call with the editor of the same website Tolkki says that he is in Mexico and goes on a date with his mistress Isabella in the afternoon!


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