Dominican Republic present at the Cairo Book Fair

The experience is wonderful, I never imagined that this event would have such a scope and influence, the Dominican poet and storyteller Rosa Silveiro, Salomé Ureña National Prize winner, told Prensa Latina.

He noted that as part of his activities here he offered a discussion on the new generation of Dominican writers and a conference on “the woman poet in literature” of that nation.

For his part, the Caribbean country’s business manager, Andy Rodríguez, highlighted the importance of participating in a fair like this.

The better we know each other, the better we understand each other, the diplomat told Prensa Latina.

Now we have the objective of expanding collaboration and cultural exchange, which includes the translation of Dominican books from Spanish to Arabic and vice versa, he added.

We also want to donate books to Egyptian universities and to the Alexandrina Library, located in the city of Alexandria, on the Mediterranean coast of this country, he stressed.

Sara Mahmoud, responsible for the Dominican stand, highlighted the high influx of Egyptians to that space.

We have a wide variety of books, from Silverio’s poems and biographies, such as that of the patriot Juan Pablo Duarte, to works translated into Arabic by former President Juan Bosch, he said.

Under the motto, “In the name of Egypt, together we read… we think… we create”, the fair will be open until February 6 at the capital’s International Exhibition Center.

The festival is dedicated to the late Egyptian poet Salah Jaheen, while his compatriot Kamel Kilani, a pioneer of children’s literature in the Arab world, is the personality of the year at the children’s exhibition.

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