Dominant Red Panthers eat Chili with skin and hair now meet the Netherlands at the World Cup | Hockey World Cup

The Red Panthers have easily qualified for the quarter-finals of the World Hockey Championships. World Cup debutant Chile was no match for the Belgian women: 5-0. On Tuesday, Belgium will play in the quarterfinals against defending champions Netherlands.


  • 5 ‘Vanden Borre 1-0 (sc)
  • 13 ‘Rasir 2-0
  • Vanden Borre 3-0 (sc)
  • 19 ‘Englebert 4-0 (sc)
  • 30 ‘Englebert 5-0

Early goals put Red Panthers in seat against Chile

World Cup debutant Chile had survived the group stage with enthusiasm and hoped for a new stunt against the Red Panthers. The first chance was also for Chile, but Maldonado did not finish it and that would break the Chilean women’s heart.

Because at the first Belgian penalty corner it was immediately hit: Stephanie Vanden Borre hit the 1-0 in goal and that was the signal for the Belgian women to push the accelerator pedal further.

Rasir finished an attack from the book nicely and at the end of the first quarter Vanden Borre already made her sixth goal of the World Cup: 3-0. After that, the Red Panthers continued their momentum.

Englebert further strengthened her status as a top player with a knock at the far post and a wonderful rush and finish just after the break. Although there was a smell at the 5-0, because she would have hit the ball with her hand.

After the 5-0, the pace dropped for the Red Panthers. Chile was no longer put under so much pressure and a clever reflex from goalkeeper Aisling D’Hooghe was needed to keep the 0 on the board. The victory and the ticket for the quarter-finals were no longer in danger: the Red Panthers will meet the Netherlands at 7.30 pm on Tuesday.

“I think we can beat anyone”

  • Charlotte Englebert was voted Woman of the Match. “We expected an exciting and tough game, but our early goals made it easier for us. Against the Netherlands we have nothing to lose, we will be ready.”
  • National coach Raoul Ehren was delighted with the big win. “I did not expect such a large margin, I was wary of the Chilean women. The Netherlands is now the opponent, as a team it stands out, but I think we can beat everyone. If we go out in the quarterfinals, it is that’s not a disaster.”
  • Stephanie Vanden Borre is now co-top scorer at the World Cup with 6 goals. “The first goal was important. We knew it wouldn’t be easy. The Netherlands won everything, but it wasn’t always really convincing. I do see opportunities to beat them. As long as we believe we can win, anything is possible .”

View the 5 goals of the Red Panthers

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