Domien Verschuuren: ‘We were allowed, it was magical’ | Entertainment

entertainment“>“We were allowed to play again last night! ‘Could be’, because that feels like a privilege at the moment ”, writes Domien with a photo of him and Chris on stage. Many of the shows from the tour were moved, but a number of them remained on the calendar. “In Capelle aan den IJssel we played our first real performance and it was magical. A joy to be able to do this, three guys who accidentally ended up on the stage. We enjoyed ourselves extra hard, because we don’t know what the coming weeks will look like either. ”

entertainment“>The DJ sees that it threatens to go in the wrong direction again with regard to the number of corona infections in the Netherlands. Still, he hopes that this will not stop people from going to the theater after all. “It is clear that something must be done. New measures are on the way and we need them. But whatever they will be: please go to the theater (when possible and allowed). Last night I saw again with my own eyes how well everything has been arranged and how much love is being worked with. ”

entertainment“>”The cultural sector is vulnerable and has been unfairly hard hit for months,” he continues. “But there is playing! Theater makers and hundreds of people behind the stage work night after night with heart and soul so that you can experience a great evening! ”

entertainment“>Domien is not the first to call on people to visit the theater while it is still possible. Peter Pannekoek and Sanne Wallis de Vries preceded him and emphasized their concern for the continued existence of the sector. Chantal Janzen and Dolf Jansen, among others, supported the call.

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