Domestic influencers gather for the opening of a new festival and suggest what to do while waiting for summer

Electronic genre music will be heard at the festival, and festival visitors will be entertained by world-class DJs and the best-known Latvian DJs, such as Magnus Eriņš. He explains that this genre is pop dance music.

The idea of ​​the festival belongs to and the organizers are responsible for the creators of the Andrejosta quarter and at the same time the pizzeria AOK. As the organizers explain, this festival will be the first festival in Latvia in the entire Baltic region, created in cooperation with artificial intelligence – it will be used to create decorations.

One thing is clear – the best-known influencers in Latvia will also attend the festival. And from what the influencers are planning, it sounds like it’s going to be quite the summer of parties. Young people plan to go to parties or festivals more often and enjoy the summer.

However, influencers are also realistic and know that summer is still some time away and the view outside the window is not the most pleasant. Therefore, influencers recommend how to improve the situation. Watch the story for tips and tricks to survive the dark times.

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