Domenicali: “I can guarantee that there is now a lot of interest in the United States for F1”

From Formula 1 they want the United States to have more presence in the category calendar, Stefano has clarified it. For many years the country has been a regular part of his world tour, the Indianapolis track and its great history in the world of motorsport were a special destination on the calendar. Then came Austin, one of the most outstanding races for Domenicali. However, they must think about how their relationship with the country will be, if there will be a single appointment that alternates venues, if there will be two appointments. For this reason, they must be in contact more constantly, said Stefano, since in addition, Miami is now positioning itself as a highly valued headquarters in recent times.

Stefano wants the contact to be more constant

“Our strategy in the future will be to be more present in the United States, with more than one grand prize. As you know, Austin has been very important in the last years of our calendar and it will also be in the future, because we are discussing with them. the renewal of the agreement. There are others that involve other areas of the American country, but they are not at the level where I can say that yes, they are there. In the coming months we will decide what will be possible in terms of discussion regarding this country, and if we establish an eventual rotation or we opt for the stabilization of two that are fixed. It is a work in progress. But I can guarantee you that now there is a great interest in the United States for Formula 1. Miami is the one that, as you know, there is no nothing secret, it is the most advanced in terms of discussion, so Miami is the most advanced in terms of possibilities. “

“America needs to hear from F1 every day. It’s wrong to go there for a week, let’s say you have an incredible push a week before the Austin race, and then be quiet. What we’ve already planned is a plan of Pretty strong communication with the US. We need to hammer information through the right channels on an ongoing basis. It will take a long time to get started in terms of investment, but the payoff will be huge. “

Penske was clear when he talked about it

“We want to add capacity. What can we use this for? Can we run a 24-hour race here? Can we run a Formula 1 race here? What things can we do? This is a huge advantage. Obviously, Indianapolis is a track. iconic for world racing, it’s part of the Triple Crown: Monaco, Le Mans and Indy. So it talks about what that track means. It’s a special track for the world of motorsport. “


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