Domenica In, Yari Carrisi presents his girlfriend Thea to Mara: Romina arrives in the studio by surprise

Bet of Sunday In full of twists. Mara Venier, in fact, after interviewing Antonella Clerici, welcomed Yari Carrisi into the studio who officially wanted to introduce his partner Thea Crudi to the presenter. And, in the studio, a pleasant surprise also arrived.

A special appointment, therefore, for Venier, who left her position as presenter, at least for the first part of the broadcast, to Carlo Conti, to undergo a beautiful interview to celebrate his upcoming 70th birthday. It was not, however, the only moment full of emotions: Yari Carrisi, son of Al Bano and Romina Power, he wanted to tell his love story with the meditation expert Thea Crudi.

The two met thanks to Romina, who encouraged her son to go to a Thea concert to meet her after seeing her on the web while explaining the principles of yoga. The newly engaged have, then, wanted to make Venier happy:

We brought you a gift!

So, surprisingly, Power, great, entered the studio friend of the presenter. Sitting next to Thea, extremely happy, expressed his opinion about his son’s new girlfriend:

I have found an angel, finally there is an angel next to my son Yari. They only met at the end of June, but it is as if they have known each other from other lives.

A thought also reaffirmed by Thea herself, who spoke of Romina with great affection, claiming to have close with her a good relationship:

We are dear friends and allies. The alliance between women is the most sacred thing that can be created. Between me and Romina there is this beautiful relationship.

To unite Thea and Yari not only love and a deep understanding, but also the passion for music. The two perform together in sweet duets touring the length and breadth of Italy, and are dedicated to joint artistic projects. On their side also Al Bano, who went to one of their concerts in Puglia.

Yari, sustained from his parents, seems to have found happiness alongside Thea. Will the two, flanked by Romina Power, return to tell new details about their relationship?


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