Domenica In, Mastronardi and Guanciale talk about their first meeting. And they confide in each other’s loves

Alessandra Mastronardi e Linen Pillow have opened the episode of Sunday In September 27, 2020: after a nice sketch, the presenter Mara Venier honored the talent and skill of Alessandra and Lino, protagonists of the series The pupil which has reached its third season.

With your know-how, Mara immediately put the two actors at ease, who told how they met at the audition of the famous Rai series. In particular, Alessandra told how she had already heard about Lino from other colleagues and how he was an excellent teammate from the start:

I knew Lino because they had already told me about it. He is a wonderful colleague, he takes you by the hand and you can absolutely abandon yourself.

Even Lino did not spare the compliments for his co-star, defining Mastronardi as a person able to put anyone at ease.

The success of the fiction The pupil it is mainly due to the feeling of the two actors, which also made us think of a possible flirtation between the two. Yet, Lino and Alessandra have “hearts already occupied”, as they told the audience of Sunday In.

In particular, Lino got married last July with Antonella Liuzzi with a surprise ceremony and is very happy with his love story. When Mara asked him if his wife was jealous of him, Guanciale replied:

She is not jealous, and then we talk a lot. She also travels for work. We share the same line of stability in life and a love of travel. Plus she’s been on all my sets and I’m very curious about her work.

Alessandra Mastronardi, on the other hand, got engaged to theactor Scottish Ross McCall, who is ten years older than her. The two, as the actress stated, met first at a dinner and then on the set of Us, a romantic film shot in Rome.
The couple live together in London, but there was a period in which the two were separated for a long time: “We had to get closer online” – confessed Alessandra – “I need physical presence, but he was good at being present when I needed it. “

Subsequently, Lino let slip a background on The pupil 3, explaining how it was he who suggested to the director to make the proposal to Alice (the protagonist played by Alessandra) during an autopsy.

To this statement, Alessandra said that in real life she would never have said “yes” in those conditions, but that she would like her partner to ask her for her kneeling hand with a ring, not before having received the approval of her father. And, shortly after, the actress confessed excitedly: “I would love to start a family, it would be a dream”.

Mara Venier’s interview with the two actors ended with a nice karaoke, in which both Lino and Alessandra showed their singing skills, thus amusing all viewers.


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