Domenica In, Mara Venier’s emotion after hospitalization: “I have difficulty speaking”

It’s a Mara Venier who can not hold back the tears, the one that opens the new appointment of Sunday In. The presenter has decided to go on the air despite the serious Health problems he went through, also declaring that he also had difficulty speaking.

“You know how I am and I can’t hide anything. I have a hard time speaking. I went through some rough days after a dental operation I had on Monday. But something went wrong and I had to be hospitalized for a new surgery. I thank the doctors who allowed me to be here, especially Dr. Valentino Valentini and the whole team of the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome ”.

The news on her health conditions have been chasing each other for the whole week, especially after the updates of the Venetian presenter appeared on her social channels. From the first images, they seemed necessary just a few hours of rest to reduce the swelling, but the situation became complicated in the days following the video he had posted with his company beloved nephew Claudio.

The first operation therefore required a new intervention to normalize the situation, which now seems to be in the process of being resolved. Despite the pain and the hardships, Mara Venier he did not want to give up the affection of his public who for years has welcomed him every Sunday afternoon.

Her words are also a sign of closeness to all the people who continue to show her affection and esteem, which was not lacking in these days of great concern. The Venier engine is therefore unlikely to stop on Sunday: the show must go on and the love of the Zia for his work he goes beyond all kinds of complications, even those related to health.

We start, therefore, with a calmer climate than normal and with a Mara Venier who decides to slow down a bit to bring home the episode for which he has already promised great guests. The 2021 season of Sunday In continues until June 28 with a record number of bets in the history of the broadcast. The management is also confirmed for the 2021-2022 season which will still be led by Venier, after many years of great success.



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