Domenica In, Elettra Lamborghini talks about her husband: “I can be myself”

Elettra Lamborghini, the most famous “Twerking Queen” in Italy was a guest of Mara Venier’s Sunday parlor, during the episode on Sunday 28 February. Unfortunately, its hosted did not go as smoothly as expected, as the singer woke up with a terrible stiff neck that did not allow her to move without feeling any pain. Due to this unexpected event, Elettra was unable to perform on the notes of the song she brought into the competition during the last one Sanremo Festival, Music and the rest disappear, but he still wanted to finish his interview. Among the topics discussed, the relationship with Lolita, his beloved mare who died last October, and the solid relationship that binds her to her husband Afrojack.

The two officially got engaged on Christmas Day 2019, getting married on September 26th in the splendid setting of Villa Giovio Balbiano, on the romantic shores of Lake Como.

The organization of the marriage, set up by Enzo Miccio, Italy’s most loved wedding planner, required a lot of energy. Elettra herself admitted that she felt exhausted in that period, between the search for the perfect dress and the attention to detail. The hardest element to choose? the cake!

Moreover, Covid-19 certainly did not facilitate preparations and represented a significant uncertainty, as well as an obstacle. “We were very lucky, because two weeks later they closed everything” said Ferruccio Lamborghini’s granddaughter, continuing “I invited few people for the restrictions and I made everyone do the test.

Five months have passed since marriage, the singer of Pem Pem she declares firmly convinced in her choice, admitting that “If I had to go back I never imagined getting married at twenty-six. Afrojack is such a good person that I never thought about my career to give up on him. I always wear him very high, because he is a person of heart, he is a bit like the love between a mother and her child. I can talk about anything, I don’t feel it judges me, and there is passion too. There is nothing wrong, I had to get married. I can do what I want, be myself: what do you want more in life? “.

Gratitude and emotion paint Electra’s face, which reveals the fullness and sincerity of the affection she feels for her husband.



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