Domenica In, Al Bano is moved and appeals to Romina and Loredana

Another episode full of guests to Sunday In. Mara Venier has, as always, alternated moments of hilarity with others that are more reflective and touching. After an opening dedicated to the Sanremo Festival with Amadeus and Fiorello in connection with the Ligurian city, it was the turn of To the bathroom tell about each other together with the host.

An open-hearted dialogue that was witnessed, with the singer who retraced the salient stages of his career and his private life. An existence always lived under the banner of simplicity and the most important values, such as that of the family.

“I had two important lighthouses in my life, if they are so it is thanks to them. I know I gave them pain when I left, but I had to pursue my aspirations and I know then I also brought joy, “he said. Al Banor speaking of its beginnings.

“We lived in a house with only two rooms and a courtyard. Strictly outdoor bathroom. That courtyard looked like a zoo, there were chickens, rabbits, a calf which he then sold in May. One year my brother and I fell ill with typhus and he had to sell the calf ahead of time to pay for the medicines ”, he recalls, not hiding a certain emotion. And also for this reason he decides to move away from Cellino San Marco to chase the dream of being a singer.

A career that started thanks to a fortuitous episode, a lost cassette of Rin Tin Tin, in place of which it was broadcast Seven voices, a program that failed its zero bet and instead had an unexpected success. From there he came In the sun and the rest is history.

It changed my whole existence. I used to walk the streets and I was a nobody, from that day on I couldn’t walk anymore. My father said: ‘we have never had liquor here at home, but since you’ve been successful I have to buy tons of bottles’, because everyone went to congratulate them, ”he explains.

During the interview there are moments dedicated to his two great loves, Romina Power and Loredana Leccisor, with whom he shared important moments in his life, through ups and downs. And it is here that Al Bano launches an unexpected appeal: “I will never deny the past, I have total respect. My dream could be that Romina and Loredana sat at the same table for lunch, all together. If you are listening, why not see each other, to unite and sow seeds of peace. The world is beautiful because we have to make it beautiful and thus we make our existence beautiful ”.



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