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The dollar appreciates today. While investors are buying dollars as a safe currency. Amid concerns about the mutation of the COVID-19 virus in England

The dollar was also boosted by the US Congress’s ability to reach an agreement on a $ 90 billion stimulus package.

As of 11.10 hours, the dollar was 0.36% higher to 103.67 yen, while the euro fell 0.19% to 126.21 yen and fell 0.55% to $ 1.217. The dollar’s movement index against six major currencies added 0.64% to 90.61.

Investors are concerned about the coronavirus outbreak. Currently, there are more than 77.8 million people infected worldwide, with more than 18.4 million in the United States, while viral mutations have been reported in England. Which causes the infection to spread 70% faster than before

However, experts have expressed confidence that the current vaccine can fight COVID-19. New species

Officials from the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed there was no evidence that the new virus was aggravating the patient’s condition. Or is more serious than current strains Although it may be more easily transmitted But still slower compared to influenza virus Or the mumps virus

Congress was able to reach an agreement on a $ 90 billion stimulus package to treat people and businesses affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Congress also approved a $ 1.4 trillion budget bill that will allow US government agencies to operate until Sept. 30, 2021.



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