Dolanský and his end in Slunečná: It’s out! WHY HE HAD TO DIE!

The sympathetic rascal Jakub Javůrek from the Slunečná farm has entered the hearts of spectators. Even the representative of Týna Popelková wept for his touching departure, when he mixed a deadly cocktail of herbs from a shaman due to a brain tumor. Even though everyone knew from the beginning how Cuba would end.

From side to main

“Yes, it was planned and I knew it. It might have been better for me to know how and where to direct the character. In addition, you know that you will only be in the series for a certain period of time, so you can plan your time and other work and everything related to it, “he confirmed himself. Dolanský.

But he didn’t say that he had a role in a new series – and the main thing! “Honza Dolanský had to be released from Slunečná. He became the main star of the newly filmed series. So far, it bears the working name M * A * S * H, “revealed Aha! a well-informed source from Prima TV.

In the same place

“Filming is already underway and it is being filmed in the same place where the series Sestřičky was created,” the source specified. The Rubav urgent thus became the North Bohemian Military Hospital. And Dolanský is supposed to be the chief doctor in it! The new series is to start on the screens of Prima TV right after the holidays.

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Defector from the Surgery

He will exchange his medical coat for a military uniform Pavel Reznicek (54). Former gynecologist Brabec from the Surgery in the Rose Garden 2 will become a military psychologist. His weapon is sarcasm and his task will be to participate in the preparation of young soldiers for a military mission. “My role is called Vít Jelen, he is a military psychologist, he has no wife, he has no mistress, he has nothing. Let’s be surprised what comes out of it. I’m curious myself, “smiles the actor.

Laurin to the zoo

Just a day before Dolanský’s death in Slunečná, the series creators also let Sister Mera in Sestřičky die. A new role awaits her representative Sabina Laurin (49). The actress is preparing to shoot a series with the working title Zoological, which has only its first clapper in front of it.

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