Dog whisperer Cesar Millan under fire: ‘His pit bull attacked me’

The documents show that the incident dates back to 2017. Lidia Matiss claims to have been bitten while visiting her mother’s Los Angeles office, who was working for Cesar at the time. The dog in question, a pit bull named Junior, ran loose there and ran into Lidia in the hallway before attacking her out of the blue.

According to the indictment, Lidia was a very promising young gymnast at the time and had just been offered a scholarship. However, her injuries prevented her from participating in competitions, which turned her entire future upside down.

Her lawyers now claim that the dog whisperer knew his pit bull was aggressive and deliberately chose not to leash the animal. In addition, he is said to have bitten other dogs in the past, including Queen Latifah’s – who was trained by him.

Junior would have bitten the animal to death, but Millan lied about it afterwards, according to the indictment and said that the dog had ended up under a car. According to TMZ the staff also had to stick to this story.

The ‘Dog Whisperer’ herself has now also made himself heard and claims that the woman in question took the risk of being bitten herself. “She is guilty of negligence, I am not,” reads his statement.


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