Dog Meat Sellers Must Be Strictly Sanctioned, Don’t Just Warning


The Gerindra faction of the DKI Jakarta DPRD criticized PD Pasar Jaya which only provides administrative sanctions to traders who sell dog meat at Pasar Senen, Central Jakarta (Jakpus). Gerindra said the administrative sanctions did not deter traders.

“And traders who are ‘naughty’ like this must be given strict sanctions, not just warnings. Yes, you could say that (administrative sanctions are less strict), asserted It’s just a guarantee that there will be a deterrent effect,” said Chair of the Gerindra faction of the DKI Jakarta DPRD, Rani Mauliani to reporters, Sunday (12/9/2021).

Rani said the traders who escaped selling dog meat showed the negligence of PD Pasar Jaya. He rated PD Pasar Jaya weak in oversight.

“When viewed from the case, it is clear that there has been negligence in supervision which should have been carried out periodically because maintenance it’s necessary, “said Rani.

“Logically, if we look at it like that, right, if it wasn’t for lack of supervision, for example, if you knew someone was selling something that wasn’t as intended, it would mean that there was omission or conspiracy by some elements, right,” he continued.

Rani also encourages PD Pasar Jaya carry out periodic checks. The checks were carried out in all markets in the capital city.

“It should be like that (checking on other markets) but maybe now it has been brought in order first, periodic checks should be carried out in an orderly and responsible manner,” he said.

Rani emphasized that this trader selling dog meat should not be repeated. He also suspects that there is a game by someone in the market.

“Yes, there should be no more naughty traders like that. Especially for markets that are for the general public. If we get missed again, we should suspect that there is indeed a conspiracy by unscrupulous elements in market management,” he said.



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