Dog in Dortmund: Children use puppy as a football – terrifying finding


Dog in Dortmund: Children use puppy as a soccer ball – the vet makes a terrifying diagnosis

A dog in Dortmund was simply used as a soccer ball by children. (Symbol image)

Photo: imago images / Cavan Images / Panthermedia (Montage: DER WESTEN)

Dortmund. Who of the fate of dog Sweety off Dortmund hears, just gets angry. The puppy was simply used as a soccer ball by children. At the vet, something terrifying comes out later.

“Sometimes we can hardly believe the reports we receive”, writes the animal welfare organization Arche 90 Dortmund. You’re shocked at what this one dog had to experience.

Dog in Dortmund: mother gives puppies

A local resident called the volunteers and reported that she had observed children using a puppy as a ball to play with. The Arche team immediately made their way to the family’s apartment.

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“The mother of the children opened the door for us and in the background we could see the children dragging the puppy through the apartment by its hind legs. We spoke urgently to the mother about the mistreatment of the poor animal. “

Fortunately, the woman gave the helpers the dog. Not imagining what else could have happened. The puppy went straight to the vet. He made a shocking finding: “X-rays showed changes in the spinal column, probably caused by the children’s kicks. A pelvic inclination was also discovered. “


The top 10 most popular dog breeds in Germany:

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  • French bulldog
  • Labrador
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • Chihuahua
  • Border Collie
  • Labradoodle
  • Rottweiler
  • Beagle
  • Mops


But that was not all. “I noticed that Sweety had an extremely bloated stomach,” says Gabi Bayer. She took the dog in with her. As a precaution, she gave the puppy a wormer. “The puppy was so infested with worms that I had to pull them out of his anus,” she says.

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Dog in Dortmund: Puppy has found a friend

The animal rights activist herself was totally shocked: “The picture speaks for itself. It is important to me that every dog ​​owner is aware of the importance of worming. ”In the worst case, an infestation can be fatal for the dog.

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The animal welfare organization reported on the incident on Facebook. Over 100 comments are written within the first four hours. People are totally shocked. One user writes: “Some people shouldn’t have children or animals. Fortunately, the animal is out of there. “


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The good thing: the dog Sweety has survived everything and has already recovered a little. With Gabi Beyer, the puppy is not alone either. The male Stoffel is at his side. “The two are of one heart and one soul,” says Bayer.

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The story does have a happy ending for Hund Sweety from Dortmund: The puppy will not be referred. He stays with Gabi Beyer and Stoffel – forever. (ldi)


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