Dog basketball players repeat the team record and win the 17th consecutive victory / Day

So far, the Dog has only been able to win 17 successes in a row in its history. This happened in the 2006/2007 season.

Warriors defender Jordan Pool was the top scorer in the match, with 24 points and 11 rebounds in Deander Eaton’s account.

Warriors leaders Stephen Curry and Draimond Green scored just 12 and eight points, respectively, and the unit ended the season with a record 22 errors.

After this success, the “Dog” in the overall standings with 18 victories in 21 games reached the “Warriors” and advanced to the top of the entire league and the Western Conference.

In another match on Tuesday, James Harden scored 34 points, won ten rebounds under baskets and made eight assists, helping Brooklyn’s Nets to defeat 112: 110 (33:28, 27:33, 28:23, 24:26) in a principal duel. New York “Knicks” basketball players.

The Nets have 27 points and nine assists for Kevin Durent, while the Knicks have 25 points for Alex Berk and 24 for Julius Rendlam.

In another game on Tuesday, the first number of this year’s draft, Ceid Kaningem, scored 26 points, reaching a career record, but it did not help the Detroit Pistons win the away match with the Portland Trail Blazers.

The home team was superior with 104: 96 (31:35, 25:19, 24:24, 24:18), but the most successful winner with 28 points was Christian McCollum.


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