Does the Sun roll up and gather as it is mentioned in the verse? Notable events on the sun

Scientists said we may see more solar flares in the near future. If these explosions happen, we will see more flares in the atmosphere. northern Lights Known as this phenomenon, it creates beautiful images in the sky.

on the other hand National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) solar flares and other eruptions Space Weather Forecast Centerhas not issued any aurora warnings for Earth.

According to the reviews Sun It became more active this spring.

Different explanation for the spot on the sun in Risale-i Nur

pertaining to sunspot Risale-i NurIt contains an important explanation. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi in Surah Takvir “When the sun is rolled upWhen interpreting the verse “”two spots on her face, small for now, but growingdraws attention to.

Request Risale-i Nur CollectionThe verse commentary in the Twenty-Fifth Word Second Şule of Sözler:

“İşte, if the sun was rounded (“When the sun is rolled up and gathered” Surah Takvir, 81:1) this word, with the word takvir, that is, “wrap and collectWith the meaning of ”, it refers to a bright representation, as well as its nazir.

First: Yes, Allah Almighty opened the curtains of Adam, the prisoner and the sky, and took out a diamond-like lamp that illuminated the world like the sun, out of his treasure-i mercy, and showed it to the world. The world After it is closed, he will wrap that diamond in his curtains and lift it up.

Second: Or, that he is a regular officer in publishing the waste of money and wrapping it around the head of the floor alternately with oppression, and he tells that officer every evening. your commodity as he had them collected and concealed, sometimes he does less shopping with a cloud curtain, sometimes the moon becomes a curtain against his face, he takes his treatment to a degree; your commodity ve muamelât As he collects his notebooks, of course, that officer will sometime be discharged from that civil service. Even If no reason is found, the two spots on his face, which are small for now but are about to grow, grow, and the sun takes back the light that it had wrapped around the head of the earth with the permission of Allah, with the command of the Lord, and wrapped it around the sun’s head.Come on, you’re out of business on the floor,” the. “Go to hell, burn those who worship you and insult an officer like you with unfaithfulness” he says, he recites the edict اِذَا الشّمْسُ كُوِّرَتْ on his face with his stained black face.”

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