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Does Tesla have to stop production in Fremont or not? > teslamag.de

Despite a freeze order issued by the Alameda County community on Tuesday, Tesla has apparently continued to produce electric cars at its parent plant in Fremont, California. The blog Electrek published an email from the human resources department to the workforce saying that because of its importance to the national economy of the United States, Tesla did not have to stop production under the Department of Homeland Security regulations. Alameda’s sheriff’s office, on the other hand, said on Twitter that Tesla could only maintain minimal operations.

Already on Tuesday, the blog Electrek reported that Tesla would “oppose” the shelter at home decree for individuals and businesses that Alameda and six other California communities had pronounced on Monday. However, the L.A. Times later reported that Tesla’s Alameda County classified the Fremont factory as “essential”, which allowed it to continue operating.

Sheriff: Tesla not essential

The sheriff’s office now contradicted this presentation with its Twitter message. Tesla was not an essential company, it said, and should therefore only do the officially permitted “minimal basic work” in the factory. This directly contradicts the previous day’s L.A. Times statement that County Tesla had classified as essential.

There may be confusion in the context of different levels of government in the United States. It would be conceivable that Tesla – apparently also the previous attitude of the company – is exempt from a local disposition due to national regulations. The email quoted by Electrek states that Tesla is in contact with the government of California, the county, and the city of Fremont with a view to U.S.-wide critical infrastructure requirements.

CEO Musk gives direction

This sounds like negotiations – initially it was not known whether there were penalties for violations of the blocking order and how much. But in the meantime, electric cars seem to continue to emerge in Fremont. Production continues, writes the HR department, according to Electrek, which an employee on Twitter confirmed. A manager in this area is said to have said that Tesla will also keep its sales outlets open until the state forces them to make changes.

Tesla’s relatively low willingness to prevent the spread of the coronavirus with preventive measures is likely to be related to CEO Elon Musk’s stance on the dangers of the pandemic. Unlike most medical experts, he has repeatedly described them as exaggerated.

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