Does Denise Chariesta receive money from Regi Datau? This article threatens if Ayu Dewi is angry

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM Denise Carista is on the verge of criminal punishment if it is revealed that she is having an affair with Ayu Dewi’s husband, Regi Datau. This article threatens the authors.

If the infidelity issue is true, then Ayu Dewi is angry, what else Denise Carista If you receive money from Regi Datau, the creator can obviously be prosecuted because there is an article that regulates this issue.

YouTuber Denise Carista shocked audiences after her confession in a video post claiming that she had been the mistress of the artist’s husband for about four years.

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In an upload to Dr. Richard Lee’s YouTube channel, Denise revealed the characteristics of a man who made her a mistress, until it eventually shrunk that the wealthy businessman she was talking about was Regi Data or Ayu Dewi’s husband.

The problem of the infidelity of Ayu Dewi’s husband Regi Datau finally came to public attention until the creator figure on the TikTok platform revealed criminal threats to the perpetrators.

The criminal threat article for Denise will apply if Regi Datau’s wife Ayu Dewi does not accept him and then reports him to the police.

However, is this true? Denise Carista Regi Datau’s deal to get money?

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