Doda has very difficult moments behind her. She broke the silence. “I thought I would exhaust myself, mentally and physically”

In life Doda a lot has happened recently. The singer surprised fans a few weeks ago with the news about the divorce from Emil Stępień. The breakup was not easy for the singer, but she suppressed bad emotions for a long time and gave the impression that nothing had happened. Only now, when she was back on track, did she decide to talk about the unpleasant experiences.

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Doda: I thought I would exhaust myself, mentally and physically

For Doda, the pandemic was a kind of salvation. The singer planned to take a break in her career, which coincided with the first lockdown. As Rabczewska admits in an interview with Odeta Moro from Onet, her work no longer brought her joy, and was slowly becoming an unpleasant duty.

I was already bouncing off the wall. I thought I was going to exhaust myself, mentally and physically. I felt that if I did not stop, I would smash my head against the wall and it was like that a few times. I am glad that the pandemic started, because I had time to take care of my mental health, rest and miss it. Feel the will to live and work again – said Doda.

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Doda was asked if she was in a relationship

Last year was extremely difficult for Doda, but Internet users did not have the opportunity to notice it, because the singer seemed happy on social media. As it turns out, these were only appearances.

People don’t even realize how dark I’ve been in the last year, because they only see smiling photos on Instagram. There will come a time when I want to tell you about it, that not everyone is made of rock and everyone has their hard times. Certainly these are not tracks as they have been so far, but they are also completely different songs. I wanted to record a danceable, energetic note that would reflect my state of mind, but it was also in opposition to the lyrical layer, because the lyrics are a bit sad – she added

The host of “Onet Rano” asked the singer about her breakdown. She will addin order to describe them, she cited the psychological example of a boiling frog. From her answer we can conclude that she was exactly that.

This is the so-called cooking frog effect. I used to let the fans know it by inserting a frog and flame emoticon. It is known in psychology that if you put a frog in hot water, it, instead of reacting and jumping out, sits and waits for it to finally start to boil. This is a lack of immediate reaction. This is also the case with some people – Doda summed up.

We hope it only gets better now!

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