Documentation: Families in Nordstadt report on their lives in the state of emergency

A deserted northern town – an unusual view during the Corona lockdown. Photo: Abbas Dogan

A film documentary by Abbas Doğan commissioned by Planerladen draws attention to the challenges during the pandemic. “Corona stays. What’s up?” is the name of the film in which families from Nordstadt report on their lives in a state of emergency. The documentary – combined with a panel discussion – can be seen on Thursday, June 9, 2022 from 5 to 7 p.m. in the SweetSixteen cinema in the Kulturort Depot at Immermannstraße 29. Admission is free.

Panel discussion planned after the film screening

Schools were closed for months, cultural events could not take place, many had to work short-time or even lost their jobs – especially in the low-wage sector.

Nordstadt residents answered questions in front of the camera.
Nordstadt residents answered questions. Photo: Abbas Dogan

Due to Corona, people here in Nordstadt have had to spend more time in their apartments than usual due to restrictions in public life. What are their living conditions like? How was your everyday life in lockdown? What particular challenges did the people in this part of the city have to contend with?

On June 9, 2022, the film recordings of Abbas Doğan, who interviewed Arab, African and Turkish residents of the north of the city, can be seen for the first time.

After the film, the presenter Mila Ellee will discuss the housing situation and other topics discussed in the film with guests from politics, administration and advice centres.

The film screening starts at 5 p.m. in the sweet sixteen cinema in the DEPOT. It can be found on the cinema’s website at under the special programme.

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The filmmaker is active on a voluntary basis in many initiatives in Nordstadt

This is also part of everyday life during the Corona pandemic - the weekly market on the Nordmarkt.
This is also part of everyday life during the corona pandemic – the weekly market on the Nordmarkt. Photo: Abbas Dogan

Abbas Doğan is a Turkish journalist and filmmaker and volunteers with many initiatives in Nordstadt (DIDF, BEZENT eV and SFN eV). As early as 2015, he produced the film “From Dream to Reality” as the conclusion of the planner shop project IRON (Integration of Roma in Dortmund’s northern part of the city). Other productions by him are “The Apartment” (2019), “Yaşlı Göçmenlerin Sorunu” (2021) and “Benim Almanyam” (2022).

Last year he published the documentary “Welcome Almanya. 60 years guest worker”, which has since been accessed almost 15,000 times on youtube. The current film “Corona stays. What’s up?” was organized as part of the “INKLUDO PLUS+” and “Nordstadt to go!” projects of the planner shop. The INKLUDO PLUS+ project is funded by the EU’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). The “Nordstadt to go!” project is funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland (BMI).

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