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Doctor who warned Boris Johnson for lack of material dies from Covid-19 – Observer

Abdul Mabud Chowdhury, the British doctor who in March alerted the British Prime Minister to the lack of protective material among healthcare professionals, died this Thursday due to the new coronavirus, advance Sky News. Chowdhury even sent a message, on March 18, to Boris Johnson, meanwhile also infected with Covid-19.

The urologist was 53 years old and died after two weeks of hospitalization at Queen’s Hospital in Romford. In the message sent to Johnson, the doctor stated that all health professionals in the British national health system needed “urgently” protective material. “Health professionals are in direct contact with the sick” and have a “human right, like others, to live in this world, free from disease with families and children,” he wrote.

Due to the scarcity of material and the steady increase in the number of cases in the UK, doctors have been trying to find alternatives to protect themselves. A doctor in an intensive care unit at a hospital in the British public health system decided to break the silence that has been imposed on health professionals in the country and, in an interview to the BBC last Sunday, said anonymously that plastic bags have been used for protection. He also denounced that the masks’ expiration dates have been changed.

The latest official data from the United Kingdom, released on Thursday, reveals that the total number of infected with the new coronavirus amounts to 60,733 people, with 5,492 positive tests since Tuesday. 7,097 people have died of Covid-19 since the epidemic began. In addition to the prime minister, who is interned, Prince Charles, heir to the British Crown, is one of the confirmed infected.

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