Doctor Trump: US President No Longer Contagious | NOW

US President Donald Trump no longer poses a risk of spreading the coronavirus, his personal doctor Sean Conley says in a short written Saturday evening (local time) statement. According to the White House doctor, tests have shown that Trump is no longer contagious. However, it is not yet known whether the president’s most recent corona test produced a negative result.

Tonight, I am pleased to report that not only does the President meet the CDC criteria for safely terminating isolation, but this morning’s Covid PCR sample demonstrates to currently recognized standards that he is no longer considered a transmission risk for others, ā€¯Conley said in the statement.

According to the guidelines of the CDC (the American RIVM), a corona patient is no longer contagious ten days after the first symptoms, or 24 hours after the fever has disappeared without the patient having taken a fever reducer.

Trump first developed symptoms ten days ago, Conley writes. In addition, it has been more than 24 hours since the president’s last fever.

However, the doctor does not further explain which tests have shown that the virus is no longer active with the president. He does say he will “actively monitor” Trump’s health while the president resumes activities surrounding his presidential campaign.

White House did not want to disclose the results of the most recent corona test

Conley omits whether the president has now been tested negative for the virus. A negative corona test is not a prerequisite for isolation according to the criteria of the CDC.

The White House did not want to disclose the results of Trump’s most recent corona test on Saturday, while a negative corona test was a condition of the public speech which the president held on Saturday afternoon. For the first time since his contamination, Trump again publicly addressed his supporters. Several hundred supporters followed Trump’s speech, which he delivered from a balcony of the White House.

On Sept. 2, Trump and his wife Melania tested positive for the virus. As a precaution, the president then spent a few days in Walter Reed military hospital. On Monday evening, Trump, who said he was “feeling very good”, returned to the White House.


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