Doctor: This type of food is necessary for mental health!

The Russian nutrition expert, Dr. Yelena Solomatina, stressed that foods improve not only the physical condition of a person, but even his psychological state as well. Noting that dietary fiber is a fodder for beneficial bacteria present in the human digestive system. Therefore, the diet containing dietary fiber is necessary for all organs and systems of the body to function normally, as well as to maintain mental health, according to what was published by the Russian “Novosti” news agency.
Solomatina confirmed, “Man needs dietary fiber because it is a fodder for the beneficial bacteria present in the gut microbiome. And that these bacteria do a lot for the health of the body and help us to strengthen the immune system and the psychological state and positively affect the process of digestion and survival; The results of studies conducted on the relationship between cardiovascular disease and the intake of dietary fiber have shown that fiber is necessary, and the same is true for mental illness.”
The Russian expert explains that «the body can obtain the necessary amount of dietary fiber per day from eating 400-500 grams of fruits and vegetables, and it is better to take them from vegetables because fruits contain sugar. The ideal choice is non-starchy green vegetables. You can also get fiber from eating whole grain bread.

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