Doctor in Physics Cyril Al-Qassas Achieves Fame for Free High School Lectures in Egypt

Social media platforms in Egypt caught fire with pictures and videos showing thousands of high school students participating in physics lectures at Minya Stadium, south of Cairo.

The lectures are given by a young man named Cyril Al-Qassas (29 years old), who is known as a doctor in physics, and has achieved wide fame in explaining physics to high school students, to the extent that his attendance has become comparable to the audience of singers’ concerts, according to the tweeters’ description.

Kyrollos spoke to “Sky News Arabia” about his story with the physics lectures, saying that he studied pharmacology in the foundation and graduated from the university in 2016, but he loved physics since he was in high school and excelled in it.

He says: “When I joined the pharmacy, my dream was not to work as a pharmacist in its traditional sense, so I told my father that I prefer to rely on myself, so I worked as a salesman in a gift shop.”

The lecturer achieved wide fame in explaining physics

Beginning with explanations of physics

Kyrollos said that “he began in 2018 by providing explanations of physics to high school students, so his authority spread, and at that time he had sold his car in order to get married at its price. He used to go to the students’ homes in Minya by bicycle,” explaining that “most of the classes are free for the love of physics.”

Then Corona came in 2020 and the closure occurred in the whole world, so Cyril began to “present lectures completely free of charge through his YouTube channel, which bears the name of Doctor in Physics, as well as through various communication platforms,” ​​according to what he said.

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He stressed that the lectures achieved millions of views, and he was awarded the YouTube shield.

Details of the lecture in Minya Stadium

And about the lecture, whose photos were spread, Kyrollos said, “Recently, students appealed to me to give them lectures directly and to gather in one of the places, so I gave dozens of lectures, and last week I announced the organization of a lecture in the covered hall of Al-Minya Stadium.”

He explained that the lecture lasted for more than 5 hours and was devoted to reviewing the physics curriculum for the third year of high school, and it was attended by “thousands of students, and it was completely free, as the student only paid 20 pounds for a drink and photocopying the review papers,” adding, “I bore the cost of renting the stadium hall and the logistics of organizing the lecture.” “.

Regarding the reaction about what he is doing, the Physicist said: “There was great joy among the students and great interaction and vigilance for the explanation, and this makes me feel that my message is being fulfilled.”

And he stressed that he “found all support from everyone” because, according to his expression, “he offers something to serve his countrymen and does nothing to trade or earn from it, as he refused to launch a center for private lessons.”

He revealed that he had recently launched an online application to deliver physics lectures, “subscribing to it for a symbolic fee only to spend on running the application so that it does not stop,” and he also said that he “presented lectures in Cairo and will move between governorates.”

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