Doctor: Improper treatment of HIV-infected patients can cause neurological complications

Jakarta (ANTARA) – A neurologist from Fatmawati Hospital, Jakarta, Dr. Arfan Mappalilu explained that inappropriate treatment of HIV/AIDS patients has the potential to cause complications in both central and peripheral nervous systems.

In the virtual discussion of the Health Radio of the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) followed by Jakarta on Friday, Dr. Arfan said HIV infection could not only affect organs in the body, but also the central nervous system, such as the brain and peripheral nervous system, or what is known as neuro HIV.

“About 40 percent of people infected with HIV eventually, if the treatment isn’t right, it’s not right, complications can occur in the nerves, both central and peripheral,” she said.

He explained that HIV infection does not usually attack the nervous system directly, but results in a decrease in the body’s resistance which causes the possibility for viruses, germs or bacteria to enter the body. Including those that can attack the nervous system such as toxoplasma.

Arfan said the most commonly found in HIV-infected patients who have neuro-HIV are tuberculosis germs and toxoplasma. In small numbers there are also those who are infected with fungi and the herpes simplex virus (HSV).

Some mild symptoms such as those affecting the peripheral nervous system present in the form of frequent numbness. While severe ones can attack the central nervous system in the brain.

“The lower the consciousness when one admits to being cured, that is a possibility to survive getting smaller and smaller,” he said.

Previously, on World AIDS Day 2022 every December 1, the Director-General for Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Maxi Rein Rondonuwu highlighted the HIV cases that have begun to be dominated by young people.

“So, in the past, young people tended to inject themselves with needles, but now they’ve had sex. This is a warning sign for us,” P2P director general Maxi said on Thursday (12/1).

The latest data from the Ministry of Health show that about 51% of new HIV cases detected concern adolescents. based on the data modeling AEM, in 2021 an estimated 526,841 people are living with HIV with an estimated 27,000 new cases.

Data from the Ministry of Health also show that around 12,533 HIV cases were experienced by children aged 12 and younger.

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