Doctor: High doses of vitamin A prevent more severe measles infection – ANTARA News Yogyakarta

Jakarta (ANTARA) –

Head of the work unit for coordinating tropical infectious diseases of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) dr. Anggraini Alam Sp.A(K) said giving high doses of vitamin A to children is very important to prevent the measles infection from getting worse.

“Giving high doses of vitamin A, which is usually every February and August, is very important because the virus, if infected, lowers vitamin A levels in the child’s blood,” he said in the media. briefing regarding the extraordinary incident of measles that was followed online in Jakarta, Thursday.

High doses of vitamin A are given within a period of two weeks when children suffer from malnutrition.

“Giving high doses of vitamin A is very important because measles virus infection can cause blindness in the eye due to dry cornea,” he said.

He explained that the measles infection would enter the body and then enter the blood. Then a rash will appear after a fever for a few days. The rash usually appears on the hair and is most easily seen behind the ears.

“What is worrying is if measles has invaded the eyes, heart, lungs and gastrointestinal tract and worsens the immune system,” he said.

Measles can also attack the brain which causes a decrease in ability. In the past year, this measles that attacks the brain has caused death.

“Measles has a fairly high potential for outbreaks with easy transmission through the air. Bring it to the health facility if there is a recurring fever,” said Anggraini.

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