Doctor from Israel: these mistakes are made in Russia when treating COVID-19

Boris Bril, an expert in evidence-based medicine, said that one of the mistakes in the treatment of a new type of virus is the therapy of pneumonia. This form of treatment is used for covid lung disease, which is not pneumonia.

A doctor from Israel wrote on his Instagram page about the mistakes that are made in the treatment of coronavirus infection.

Thus, lung infection, which is caused by an insidious virus, and pneumonia are often confused. These two diseases, according to Brill, are not the same thing.

The specialist believes that Russians can be misdiagnosed due to the fact that they do not distinguish pneumonia from viral lung damage. In his opinion, when a patient with a coronavirus is diagnosed with pneumonia and treated in the traditional way, this is a wrong tactic.

Boris Bril clarified that immunomodulating and antiviral drugs, as well as indirect anticoagulants, are not considered drugs and are not able to help in the treatment of any disease, in particular coronavirus. HIV drugs, vitamins and zinc also do not cure COVID-19, the expert concluded.

Note that in the Volgograd region, from the beginning of the pandemic to October 29, a COVID-19 test gave a positive result in 19,919 residents.

Previously “MK in Volgograd” wrote that a new symptom of coronavirus can be seen in the reflection of the mirror.


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