Doctor for Joe Biden: The situation is bad, he will not complete his term – US

White House doctor in the administrations of Barack Obama and Donald Trump Ronnie Jackson predicts that the current US head of state Joe BidenJoe Biden (Joseph Robin Biden) is an American politician. Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942 he will not be able to complete his term.

“Things around Biden are really bad and will continue to get worse,” the Republican congressman wrote on Twitter.

He can barely construct a sentence. He must have a cognitive test and the results announced publicly, Jackson added.

According to him, if the 25th amendment of the US Constitution to remove the head of state is not triggered, then the country’s national security “would be at risk.”

Joe Biden had a spectacular accident while boarding a presidential plane

Ronnie Jackson’s comment comes after 78-year-old Biden took part in a CNN television interview in which the US president found it difficult to articulate his thoughts, and at times even seemed confused.

“Something terrible is happening to this man,” Jackson concluded.

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