“Doctor Evil on the Cosmic Penis.” Bezos’s rocket became a meme on Twitter / GORDON

The ship New Shepard, on board which was Bezos, made a commercial flight into space July 20… The ship rose to a height of 105 km above sea level.

Users call New Shepard a “space penis” and remember Doctor Evil from the parody action movies about Austin Powers – they found similarities both between the ships and between Bezos himself and the comic book character.

“You can’t look at Bezos’s funny Blue Origin phallic rocket without thinking about the Austin Powers version.” noted Twitter user Mark Williams. And he was not alone with this association.

The richest man in the world made a 10-minute space trip on a penis-shaped rocket. We don’t need metaphors anymore. ” considers writer Daniel Kibblesmith.

“If flying into space on a penis rocket designed by Doctor Evil is the end of capitalism, we may have screwed up.” noted journalist and podcaster Ross Bohlen.

“Men are literally ready to launch themselves into space on a penis rocket, just not to go to therapy,” – wrote user Ramblin Mama.

“At least Richard Branson had an original design when he went into space last week“, – noticed user JoeHoh.

“Jeff Bezos’s flight to the edge of space was not just a scientific miracle. It was a grotesque sight.” commented New York Magazine event. True, the magazine’s article on the flight, One Giant Leap To Inequality, is no longer humorous: it criticizes Bezos’s actions and the difference between his life and the position of workers in his companies.



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