Do you want to buy an NFT? So you can detect if they are fake or stolen

Cybersecurity is everything in the digital world and therefore DeviantArt is updating; because it integrated new image recognition software that scans public blockchains and third-party marketplaces for potential stolen NFTs.

This is because not all NFTs are minted to the owner of the token, which allows some who want to benefit from it to launch others that are similar.

It is the DeviantArt Protect that provides an additional layer of security.

Spotify joins the NFT fever and is already testing this new feature

This new state-of-the-art image recognition software was developed to help protect NFTs.

NFT copyright.

DeviantArt underscored that copyright infringement on NFTs is a serious problem, so they debuted their technology to identify images that may appear visually identical to other images on DeviantArt but are not on the blockchain.

When an inconsistency is detected, the author or owner is notified that there is a suspicious image.


Now, when an infringing image, that is, an NFT, is detected, DeviantArt does not automatically remove it because there are those who do not care if their content is reuploaded or they want their image to go viral.

By giving notice they give the author the option to file a notice of infringement that complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

So the objective is to provide protection to the entire effort, so with automated learning they identify exact matches, manipulated images and those that have undergone variations.

This increase in the security of NFTs becomes relevant if we take into account that recently a group of hackers stole 254 products of this type, which together were valued at 1.7 million dollars.

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