Do you want a new car now? There are only the most expensive and with countless extras

The situation on the new car market in Bulgaria and throughout Europe continues to be complicated for automakers and importers, but mostly for customers. Due to the shortage of chips worldwide, most models are expected within 4 to 8 months as well He wrote in detail for 24 hours three months ago.

In fact, if you want to buy a new car immediately or in a few days, you have to choose from the modest stocks in stock or order the most expensive modifications and countless unnecessary (in most cases) extras and pampering. There is no shortage of semiconductors for these versions. This is exactly the way for car manufacturers and dealers to be profitable now, at the expense of customers.

In recent days, Western journalists have often asked the question: How is it possible for car sales to fall in Europe and still make manufacturers more?

The shortage of semiconductors worldwide is delaying delivery in all markets. Compared to last year, almost 10% fewer cars were sold, but manufacturers made 14% more profit in the first half of the year or, to be precise, a whopping 71 billion euros. This is because everywhere more expensive models with many options are sold. And that brings more profit.

German premium brands Mercedes and BMW have even openly acknowledged that they will continue to maintain an artificial shortage of their products even after the chip crisis is over. In this way, they will try to keep the high prices of their cars, claims the authoritative Financial Times.

During the pandemic, the two German companies made sure that customers were willing to pay much more for their products. “We will not deliberately meet demand,” said Harald Wilhelm, Daimler’s chief financial officer. BMW will adopt the same tactics. that it intends to maintain its approach to securing supplies “.

Cars with electric motors also take advantage of the situation. Consumers in Europe continue to buy more low-emission vehicles. In July, a total of 160,646 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles were registered, which represents almost 17% of the total number of registrations. This is the second highest monthly market share since June 2021 and the third highest in Europe.

This is partly due to the fact that brands mainly promote these types of cars, but according to Felipe Munoz, an analyst at Jato, there is another reason: “Consumers continue to respond positively to tax incentives related to electric vehicles, which makes these vehicles much more -competitive in price. “



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