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Do you use Philips Hue? This new accessory will make you happy

If you use Philips Hue lights in your smart home, you’re probably struggling with one annoying feature (assuming you haven’t solved it with accessories from another supplier, such as Shelly, Fibaro aro). Most users buy Philips Hue lights only when they have the classic wiring at home and the usual switches long ago solved, which in practice means that you control the lighting via the supplied remote control.

New Philips Hue Wall Switch module

In order for this combination to work, it is necessary to have the lights constantly energized (in standby mode) – the classic switch on the wall must be in the on position. You can get used to it, but even so, from time to time I reflexively reach for the classic switch when leaving the room, thus completely “blowing” the Philips Hue bulb from the power supply. And even funnier situations occur when a visitor comes to our house, which automatically reaches for the classic switches.

But that could be over in March. Philips has introduced a new module in the box under the switch (Hue Wall Switch), which will keep the light energized even after switching off. It is practically not necessary to have two controls on the wall – one classic and the other Philips Hue (dimmer). Of course, the dimming function will not work via the standard switch.

Philips Hue wall switch module

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