Do you travel by bicycle? Do it with peace of mind thanks to new insurance

If you are one of those who use the bicycle to get around, now you can travel the roads with more peace of mind since there is an insurance that protects your bicycle in case of theft, collisions, third-party damage and many other coverages.

Made available by the CS Corredora de Seguros in conjunction with the National Insurance Institute, the only requirement is to fill out the documentation of the Insurer and present the invoice that supports the purchase of your bicycle and contains the frame number.

They provide you with the following coverages

  • Civil liability for injury or death of persons
  • Civil liability for damage to the property of third parties
  • Damage to the bicycle due to collision and overturning
  • Additional risks: flood, cyclone, hurricane, vandalism damage (scratches, scrapes, paint stains, bumps, among others)
  • Fire, earthquake and earthquake
  • Robo
  • Malicious damage or acts of malicious people
  • Damage suffered by the bicycle due to collision and overturning of the means that transports it

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The insurance issuance process will depend on the modality that the user hires and the coverage applies from the moment the documents are signed, however, it is guaranteed that it is safe and agile.

“At times when we face dangerous situations on the road, we want to be an ally that allows you to walk safely and calmly in the face of any emergency or eventuality,” said Angelic Lizano, general manager of CS Corredora de Seguros.

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If you want to start this process you can do it through this site, select the category “Bicycle insurance” and complete the required form. Subsequently, one of the advisers of the CS Corredora de Seguros will contact you.

For more information, you can contact the Coopeservidores Contact Center by calling 2243-9500.

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