Do you see that this is a speaker?

IKEA and Sonos are hinting at new products in the IKEA series “Symphonic” which are reportedly not that far off the store shelves. None of the companies have released anything other than an Instagram story, but a patent that has appeared in the US FCC reveals more.

Sonos on Instagram. (Ill: Pocket ribbon)

According to The Verge, a new updated version of the Symphonic Wireless Table Lamp Speaker is on the way. The lamp, which has a speaker with approximately the same sound quality as the Sonos Play 1, is expected to go on sale at the same price as the original lamp: 1699 kroner.

Do you see that this is a speaker? (Ill: IKEA)

Wall art with sound

It does not appear that Symphonic Wireless Bookshelf Speaker is getting any updates in this round. On the other hand, it seems that Sonos and IKEA are planning to release a completely new product: Wall art with sound.

On the front, the product can look like any other image from IKEA, while the back can be filled with speaker technology.

Whether it is a product that consists of both a speaker and wall decorations in one, or whether the speaker can be moved between different works of art is uncertain.

Hopefully the latter is the case so that one does not lock into yellow taxis in New York or other IKEA kitsch.

Probably not that far away

Exactly when IKEA and Sonos plan to release the new products, they have not said anything about, but the documents at the FCC went through at the beginning of the month, which can testify that the product is not too far away.

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In the meantime, we can enjoy Sonos’ new travel speaker “Roam” which arrives in stores on April 20 for 1799 kroner. You can read our test of Roam here:


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