Do you pay by card or debit card? The government reimburses you

In this article “Do you pay by card or debit card? The Government reimburses you ”we show you the latest news coming with the August Decree.

Reviving consumption. This is one of the priorities of the Government which, with the August Decree, puts in place a series of initiatives to support commercial activities.

Among the innovations that should be officially introduced in these days, there would also be the Bonus Pos 2020.

That is, the possibility of using a rewards mechanism for those who use electronic payments, the so-called cashback. A maneuver included in the broader “cashless” plan with a budget of € 1.75 billion for 2021.

Bonus Pos 2020, what is it?

The Bonus Pos 2020 is nothing more than a tool to avoid thetax evasion, focusing on the traceability of payments thanks to modern means of transaction.

In addition to, of course, relaunching consumption and the economy, after the period of strong economic crisis caused by the health emergency resulting from the coronavirus. With the Bonus Pos 2020 it will be possible to request a refund of a part of the purchases made by credit card or debit card. Easy to find current tools.

On the other hand, the idea of ​​the “consumption bonus” was canceled, which would have introduced an immediate discount for those who had paid, with digital tools, in restaurants or clothing stores.

How does the August Pos Bonus work?

The guidelines that will establish the reimbursement mechanism are not yet fully outlined. It is possible to create a points card, but there is also talk of a refund directly paid to the taxpayer.

When will the refunds be available?

The date of 1 December 2020 as the start of the concession is increasingly plausible. This means that purchases paid by cards and ATMs from this date and for 2021 will be included in the concession.

If “Do you pay by card or debit card? The Government reimburses you “it was useful to you, we also suggest”What is foreseen in the August Decree, point by point”.

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