Do you know Mirko Scarcella? The Special The Hyenas on the “Indiagram guru” | VIDEO

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13 October 2020

Our Gaston Zama retraces the story of the Instagram guru. From the first interview in Miami to Mirko Scarcella to some of his acquaintances who tell us to wait for him again. And then there are those who answered the monolithic question: do you know Mirko Scarcella?

With Gaston Zama we retrace the story of Mirko Scarcella through unpublished clips of the meeting with the “Instagram guru”, or rather the “teacher on Indiagram“. Let’s go back to 2012, when Mirko Scarcella starts working with Fabrizio Corona. There are the first contracts with young people who invest savings for a job like Christian Chiapperini, opera singer, who tells us that he found himself chauffeuring him in Imperia. Gaston Zama also meets some people who have had to do with Mirko Scarcella, such as Renato Gioia and Filippo Celentano who have dealt with his books. We also meet Ratatouille, a home chef; in Naples Andrea Lombardi tells us instead of a luxury night in Paris between restaurants and disco. The tour continues in Aosta with Isac, DJ and music producer, and in Milan with Lorenzo Redaelli, student and blogger.

Among those who claim to have relied on him there are also two professionals who would have asked the “guru” to increase followers on Instagram following his algorithm, but blocked the consultations on suspicion that they were bought. Some appear to have managed to recoup some of their investment.

At the end of our special we asked the monolithic question to Kim Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Tayor Swift and Sylvester Stallone: do you know Mirko Scarcella? Well, Cr7 and “Rambo” answered us through our notary: do you want to know what they told us?

Look below all the parts of the Special Le Iene!


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